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Call shop solutions
Start your own VoIP-base call shop business
A call shop is a place where customers can make
international calls with low charge.
Call shop are a new growth business opportunity.
Call shop solution
Register to Callconomy and download the
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Call shop
Support & Installation
The Callconomy Call shop team offers a wide range of
technical support to ensure that customers will receive
the best possible
profit from their investment.
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The “Callconomy Call shop" is the system that provides the efficient way to manage your
call shop.
How to start your own Call shop business
A call shop is a place where customers can make international calls at lower charges than the local telephone companies. Call shops are a new growing business opportunity. Call shops are common in most European and North American countries and they have recently expanded to Middle East as well as Far East, Africa and Australia

This new business opportunity uses VoIP technology. VoIP allows telecommunications carriers to transfer calls from a call shop over the Internet Protocol thereby avoiding costly traditional telephone routes. In simple words VoIP enable calls through the internet instead of the usual telephone network. This avoids long distance telephone charges, as the only connection is through the Internet.

Both customers and owners can receive the benefits of a VoIP-based call shop. The customers can reduce the cost needed for international cost while the owner of the call shop can increase his / her business profits.

Call shop owners can recover your entire investment in the first months of business operation. Just follow the steps mention below and start your own VoIP-base call shop business.

Steps to follow:
The first step is to contact Callconomy in order to learn all about the procedures, the benefits and the costs of a call shop business. Callconomy staff will be glad to answers any questions you may have regarding your new business. ( click here to contact us )
The second step is to find a location and a shop. Location is very important in for the business, a good location, with good visibility in areas with populations that make international calls will immediately offer a sound base to build the business. A good location can be near colleges, universities, buildings where foreign students are living.
The third step is to buy the hardware for the call shop. Callconomy can advise what hardware will be needed for your type and size of business. The hardware consists of a computer, the call interface box, the VoIP gateway, the customer display units and the analog telephone devices. All hardware is provided by Callconomy except the computer and the analog telephone devices (these can be easily bought in your country). The number of the customer display units and the analog telephone devices depends on the number of the telephone booths.
The next step is the installation of the software and setup of the rates and users. Callconomy staff will remotely install the software and reomtely train the shop administrator and the operators of the call shop.

Training will include a general description of the Callconomy software with detailed analysis on the functionality such as:
-How the system works
-The call charge procedure
-How to add, modify or delete countries and rates
-How to display and print financial and call statistics
(Any additional help will be provided on request)

Both software installation and training will be done remotely though our remote support system.

The last step to a success call shop business is the promotion. The call shop owner has to prepare a marketing campaign. The marketing can include advertises in places where foreigners live or study. This might include advertisments on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, or other

Some more important tips
-As we mention above is important to select a good location for your call shop.

- In order to have a more profitable business you can combine your call shop with an internet café. The internet café will increase your profits and bring more traffic to your shop. You can also offer copy services, fax and other.

-Select carefully the operators of your call shop. The operators have to be willing to help customers with any question they might have and also they have to be honest and trustful.









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