Services - Auto Attendant
Main Features
Customizable Department Selection menu
Time-based IVR menu (business hours and after-hours)
Caller Selection Identification to Subscriber
Male and Female Prompts
Support for 9 Forwarding Numbers
Voicemail Forwarding Support
Multi-Session and Failover Support
Web Management
Global Number Forwarding
Call Flow
  1. Caller calls the Auto Attendant.
  2. Auto Attendant greets the caller and plays the enabled department selections. Currently supported selections are: Sales, Support, Accounting, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Service, Vendor Relations, Order Status, and Operator.
  3. Caller makes a valid selection.
  4. The system forwards the call to the number assigned to this selection.
  5. The subscriber hears the caller selection identification and decides how to respond to the call.
  6. Both parties are connected.