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Callconomy Call shop solutions
Call shop solutions
Start your own VoIP-base call shop business
A call shop is a place where customers can make
international calls with low charge.
Call shop are a new growth business opportunity.
Call shop solution
Register to Callconomy and download the
demo of the actual software application, you can
also see the hardware parts of
the system.
Call shop
Support & Installation
The Callconomy Call shop team offers a wide range of
technical support to ensure that customers will receive
the best possible
profit from their investment.
Callconomy Platform
The “Callconomy Call shop" is the system that provides the efficient way to manage your
call shop.

The Callconomy call shop solutions have been exclusively developed for all entrepreneurs who plan to open or improve a Call shop business. It consists of hardware and software parts.

The Callconomy IP software is ideal for the usage in Voip and/or PSTN line based call shop businesses. It is a new, low cost call shop management solution that uses the latest IP/ Voip technology. Our proposed software solution, can efficiently manage all of the call shops activities, such as billing, tariff rating, financial and statistical reporting with accuracy, reliability and security.

Callconomy Callshop solution

Why should you choose Callconomy for your call shop needs


-NO FXS Gateways needed.

-Full CDR detail.

-Only requires SIP IP Phones, a computer and an ADSL line.

-No per line/cabin license costs.

-Remote installation and support.

-Low rates.

-Excellent voice quality.

-Reliable billing system.

Call shop ip phone
Call shop billing platform
Customers have the ability to see on the IP Phone screen real time information regarding the call
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The operator can see on the screen of his PC a full view of the telephones being used by the customers.
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