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Callconomy Call shop solutions
Call shop solutions
Start your own VoIP-base call shop business
A call shop is a place where customers can make
international calls with low charge.
Call shop are a new growth business opportunity.
Call shop solution
Register to Callconomy and download the
demo of the actual software application, you can
also see the hardware parts of
the system.
Call shop
Support & Installation
The Callconomy Call shop team offers a wide range of
technical support to ensure that customers will receive
the best possible
profit from their investment.
Callconomy Platform
The “Callconomy Call shop" is the system that provides the efficient way to manage your
call shop.
"The Everywhere" Solution
Callconomy offers a new call shop solution. "The Everywhere" is a low-cost solution for every entrepreneur who plans to open or upgrade a call shop.

“The Everywhere” solution is suitable for small call shops and kiosks.
(One or two line VoIP call shops)

This solution is design to provide high quality service while minimize the initial investment. You can now offer to your clients a new solution which combine easy installation and an affordable price.

The functionality of "The Everywhere" solution is quit easy. The system records the call destination, monitor the call duration and finally calculate the call cost. Based on these functions the system prints the call cost amount.

Low cost call shop solution
"The Everywhere" System
Low cost call shop solution
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Low cost call shop solution








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