About us
Callconomy introduces its new cutting edge VoIP telecommunications solutions. Our aim is to provide low cost, functional and at the same time high quality products for every area of the new age telecommunication services.

With the increasing expansion of VoIP in the business environments but in our every day life as well there is a need for creative products at affordable costs. Callconomy delivers a complete range of international VoIP solutions to companies, resellers and home users worldwide.

Callconomy employs qualified technical and management personnel for the delivery of quality, innovative services. A closely monitored quality control process irons out flaws from the outset.

Through use of the group’s support platform – Problem NoProblem, Callconomy offers remote support with help desk across the globe. With a click of a button customers can register their problem and technical staff on standby will attend.

Our Products:
Callconomy Call Shop Solutions
PC to phone

IP Cenrtix
Web Dialer
Calling Cards