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Call shop solutions
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A call shop is a place where customers can make
international calls with low charge.
Call shop are a new growth business opportunity.
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Callconomy IP-Phone call shop Solution

The Callconomy IP-Phone software is ideal for the usage in Voip and/or PSTN line based call shop businesses. It is a new, low cost call shop management solution that uses the latest IP/ Voip technology. Our proposed software solution, can efficiently manage all of the call shops activities, such as billing, tariff rating, financial and statistical reporting with accuracy, reliability and security.

We are more than confident that the low initial investment, low risk and low maintenance call shop solutions that we offer, will present to all of the above potential business partners, immediate investment return, high control and high system reliability.

IP Phone Call shop solution
  • The IP Phones can show on their screen all the call details to the caller during conversation
UNIQUE FEATURE!! This unique feature of the system eliminates the need and cost of providing displays and fully utilizes the potentials of the IP phones. The ability to offer real time information regarding the cost of the call, the duration and the total cost of the call session, provides to the customer, the necessary info to better monitor and control the duration of his call. click to see IP Phone
  • The system can control and monitor in real time an unlimited number of call booths.

An unlimited number of IP phones/Call booths can be connected to the system. The operator can see on the screen of his PC a full view of the telephones being used by the customers. Each screen shot can show up to 16 phones/Call booths. Through each screen shot the operator can see the numbers dialed an indication whether the phone is on/off hook, the cost and time of the calls etc. The operator can also perform any necessary actions in order to prevent illegal access and fraud (cut, block/unblock the line etc)

  • Ability to set Local/ National/ International call rates

The owner can easily modify all rates / tariffs (as provided by the Voip provider which will terminate the calls to the dialed destination) and set his own connection charges according to the desired percentage of profit for each code. The system also offers to the owner the possibility to easily export and import all the tariff codes and charges of a Voip provider tariff database. This functionality is a powerful tool for quick manipulation of the tariff codes and their charging.

  • Prepaid or post-paid options as well as customer call accounts

The system offers to the customer the choice between all possible payment methods. The post paid option, which is usually the most common one, is when the customer pays the cost of his calls after the end of his call session. The prepaid option is when the customer prepays a set amount for his call session. Also the system provides the capability to the owner to create customer accounts where the customers prepays an amount and then the system generates a secret number of a predetermined length. This code together with a PIN number, which the customer chooses, can be entered at any time from the IP phone before the start of a call session until his credit finishes.

  • Instant invoicing

Instant cost invoice generation (manual or automatic) per call booth is also available by the system. An individual ticket showing the time of call initialization, duration, numbers dialed and the cost may be issued after each call session. The ticket may be customized according to the call shop owner’s preferences

  • Ability to customize the software program to a preferred language.

The system offers the facility to quickly translate the system commands to a preferred language. This is a great advantage for every future or current call shop owner that plans to set up a call shop operation abroad.

  • Generation of various financial and statistical reports

The system can generate a variety of financial and statistical reports as they are necessary in order to achieve greater control and analysis over the call shop business. The reports include: Events log (user login/logout, start end of calls, etc), financial data and statistics, call statistics for different periods, tariff list, list of users etc. The reports can of course be exported in various standard formats such as pdf, excel, word, csv etc...

  • Ability to set authorization levels for each user/operator

The system offers to the call shop owner the ability to create different user profiles by predefining functionalities and assigning specific actions/permissions to each profile, in order to ensure better security on the process of the call shop operations.

  • Security and Back up features

Database back up features are also offered by the system. This enables the user to easily save all database information as well as restore the database in the unlikely event of a crash or fault.

Setting up the call shop
  • Callconomy IP-Phone software.
  • A standard PC with MS Windows XP, 2000.
  • IP Phones
  • Printer ( Optional )
  • Reliable internet connection (DSL / Cable etc).
  • VOIP Service Provider








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